Browse internet from the Windows mobile device emulator?

by Lasantha Samarakoon on Monday, May 2, 2011

Windows mobile device emulator, cannot access internet even though your computer is connected to 24x7 internet connection. That is because, the device emulator works exactly same as a virtual machine. Simply, emulator runs an operating system (guest OS) on the PCs operating system (host OS), the same concept behind the virtualization. The emulator works as the hypervisor, and manages resources between the host and guest Oss, but note that it does not establish any connection between the two operating systems.

Since the emulator is another machine, you cannot access the internet through the emulator directly, without establishing a bridge between them (the guest and the host).

Here are the steps you need to follow. (Please note that I’m considering only Microsoft Windows XP operating system, and this will not work same as on Windows Vista/7.)

1. First you have to download and install Microsoft ActiveSync from the Microsoft download center. It is a small setup of 7.5MB.

2. If you are using Visual studio, go to “Tools” menu and select “Device Emulator Manager”. It’ll open the “Device Emulator Manager” window. If you need to start the emulator as standalone application, go to “Run” and type,

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\dvcemumanager.exe

Device emulator manager in the Visual studio 2008 menubar

Device emulator manager window

3. Once the window opened, right click on the preferred emulator and select “Connect”. In a while, the device emulator will open, and the emulator entry in the “Device Emulator Manager” will show a green arrow.

Green arrow in the the Device emulator manager

Note the "Connect" and "Craddle" menu items in the context menu

4. Again right click on the same emulator entry, and select “Cradle”. Once you click it, the ActiveSync window will appear on the host OS, and will display as “Connected”.

Connected status in the ActiveSync window

5. Now everything is completed. Open Internet explorer in the mobile device and put a URL. You’ll navigate to the page in the internet.

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