Create your own 3D (Anaglyph) glasses

by Lasantha Samarakoon on Thursday, August 5, 2010

I’m going to deviate from my usual topics today. Let’s consider a small topic in Multimedia. Did you ever tried to create your own 3D glasses for watching 3D movie? If not, today I’m going to tell those steps. If you are not preferred you can buy one around US$ 1 on eBay. But remember, this is so easy and you can create your own one within 15 minutes.

Anaglyph Glass

Before directly jump to our steps, let’s get an idea about this 3D glasses?

There are some videos and images, which provide stereoscopic 3D effect. Our naked eyes are not capable of capturing this effect 100%. So we need to use special glasses called, 3D glasses or “Anaglyph glasses” to help our brains to understand the effect. These anaglyph images/videos are made up of 2 colored layers, offset with respect to each others, which helps to produce the depth effect.

Sample anaglyph image from Wikipedia (Author: Richard Bartz)

Okay, that’s little bit about the concept. Now it’s working time. Here are the materials we need:

  • Card board
  • Template for the glasses. A sketch is available here and you need to have a print out of it. Or else, you can draw your own one too.
  • Red and Cyan (Blue) cellophane papers.
  • And finally the hardest thing, Glue...

Here are the steps:

  1. Cutout the template on the cardboard using the printed (or drawn) sketch.
  2. Cut the cellophane to fit the holes in the template.
  3. Glue or tape them to the holes in the template.  (And make sure you put Red cellophane for the left eye and the cyan cellophane for the right eye.)
  4. Now it’s finished creating your own 3D glasses. Enjoy 3D movies and images using your new 3D glasses.

Watch sample 3D video at